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My artistically work is based on the idea to present my auditory music full of feeling and a diversified music programme on topmost standard. The diversity of sounds of the ensembles which I conduct comprises compositions of the classic period, of the operetta, and Viennese music as well as virtuoso compositions for the violin, European concert folklore and evergreens of the of dancing and entertainment music.

The extension and mode of instrumentation and the choice of the pieces is individually arranged according to the character of the performance. I am always open to fulfil special wishes, also with respect to a given theme. I present performances like duos, trios, and quartets, and I am ready to extend the ensemble to a great orchestra. We can appear as a Ladies band by request of an organizer. We appear in the concert hall, in the dancing location, at festival events and weddings, and other private events; at tourist occasions, with the "Heurigen" or in the coffee-house, and present concerts for seniors. And all that is performed in Austria or abroad.

More information is given in the left-side menu points. In particular I wish to invite you to enjoy my extensive auditions.

Yours truly

Doina Fischer

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