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Konzertensemble "Wiener Flair"

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The Concert Ensemble “Wiener Flair” (Vienna Flair) interprets compositions of the classical Viennese Saloon Music originating from a deep feeling, at utmost  professional level and new brilliance. The focal point of the musical activity consists of the operetta and the Viennese music.  Since all performers stay in Vienna and have been educated in this town, the Vienna waltz is performed with the very soft Viennese sound, which is characteristic for the World Capital of Music.
We continue an old Austrian tradition, which is renewed at present very effectively indeed. Older listeners feel themselves transferred in a past time and feel again young.

The Concert Ensemble “Wiener Flair” gives concerts when invited by diverse cultural organisations. Moreover it performs programmes at the occasions of meetings, congresses, receptions, senior events, weddings and home concerts as well as accompanying music in the elevated gastronomy. The well known melodies can become a treat for eyes and ears when they are presented as a duo violin/pianoforte, or by an ensemble with more instruments , for example supplemented by other string and wind instruments, and also as a ladies band.

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