Doina Fischer - Zauberhafte Festlichkeit, musikalisches Vergnügen

Doina Fischer & Ensemble

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One has perhaps not always time, to watch to a single style of music on an evening. Therefore my motto is diversity, so that each listener can enjoy his own favourite music. I accept voluntarily special music wishes. Most of all, the virtuoso violin music is placed into the foreground. Occasionally you will find soloist compositions of other instruments (before all piano-forte) on our program. All musicians play with enthusiasm, and keep continual dialog with the auditory, so that such a performance becomes an unforgettable musical experience. Even tears have been shed frequently: Not because the pieces were so sad, but the listeners went into pure ecstasies over because they were greatly affected by the music.

The sound pattern of the ensemble comprises pieces of music of the classic period, over operetta, Vienna music, Hungarian Music, the music of the 1930-years up to the entertainment music of the presence. By wish of the organizer the choice of the pieces will be arranged suitable to the event. In that sense are possible also Carnival concerts, spring concerts, Mother’s Day concerts, Advent and Christmas Concerts. More than that, we are specialized in performances and scenes with chief stress on the music of famous composers (for example Mozart, Haydn). Of course, we have also a special music programme for weddings and similar events. In any case, we produce always an atmosphere, which is accepted by the auditory with enthusiasm.

Beginning from the duo violin/pianoforte we appear in many different instrumentations, with more players, and also as a Ladies’ band. Our performances become this way wonderful experiences for your ears and your eyes as well.

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